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Posted on June 16, 2014 at 10:25 PM

With so many scenery, land class, and vector addons availble these days for FSX, i would like to clarify how i have developed my scenery. Your results will vary depending on what addons you currently use. I have attempted, and hopefully achieved a good compromise between several addon systems. I currently have two FSX installations and one P3D V2 on my computer. One FSX has UTX with FS Genisis mesh. the other has UTX plus ORBX World, global Vector in combination as well as FS Genisis mesh.

My scenery is best used with UTX and FS Genisis mesh, and is planned around UTX roads,(also incorporates the minor urban roads in UTX if you have them activated). but it will work with the FSX stock scenery, and ORBX  World, as well as Global Vector , just some roads will be missing.. If you use global vector exclusivly, you will miss out on many local roads and streams. ORBX has begun to improve Vector with updates, as of this writing many small roads are still absent.

Pay particular attention to any altitude change bgl files in my sceneries They are all noted in the readme file, these need to be placed in the FSX/scenery/World/scenery folder.

Of course my sceneries should work fine with the stock FSX as well. I strongly recomend using UTX North America as it offers the best combination of land class and vector data for the nort East U.S.

So to conclude, i have tested my scenery with the above addons and it works, I have also tested some with P3D and most work. However P3D handles scenery objects differently than FSX so many freeware scenery objects do not work in P3D such as EZ scenery for example. These need to be somehow converted. I don't want to bother with that at this point. All my airports should work in P3D but I have only tested 7N1 to date, and it is specifically designed to work in P3D V2. I used all stock scenery objects.

Stay tuned as I will test all of my sceneries in P3D and give notice as to which ones will work in the near future.

As of yet unpublished, I have a small collection of UK sceneries ccompatible only with ORBX England. These are specifically developed for ORBX England and will not work properly with stock FSX. I will publish these as a separate package at a later date.

I am no expert, I am learning along with everyone else, feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions.  if you have a favorite small airport in the Northeast U.S. I am open to new challenges!

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