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Eagle Field Port Matilda PA

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Eagle field- 09PA Port Matilda PA

Private Glider field Owned by Karl Striedieck. Karl is a world record setting glider pilot and a member of the U.S. Soaring Hall of Fame. He was an early pioneer of ridge soaring in the Ridge-and-valley Appalachians in the 1960s, ultimately setting nine world records flying gliders there. He was selected for the U.S. national soaring team 12 times, and won a silver medal in the world championships in 1978 and 1983.


Mr. Striedieck was a U.S. Air Force pilot from 1959 to 1962, flying the F-86 Sabre and F-102 Delta Dagger, then continued his military service until 1981 in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, where he transitioned to the A-7 Corsair II. A year before graduating from Pennsylvania State University in 1965, he started flying gliders when he and Bill Clark co-founded the Nittany Soaring Club, flying out of the former State College Air Depot. He has over 15,000 flying hours, with nearly half of that total in gliders.


Mr. Striedieck moved his home to the Eagle Field private airport on top of Bald Eagle Mountain, near State College, Pennsylvania in 1966, and now lives there with his second wife, Iris.


Basically a manicured farm field, this private glider field offers access to the famous ridge lift of central Pennsylvania.Nearby Ridge Soaring is another one of my airfields available.

Harris Hill Emergency Field

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This is a companion scenery for the Harris Hill airport above. This is a simple add on for those who want the ultimate realism for their Harris Hill scenery. See my Harris hill scenery on AVSIM. This is the Emergency landing strip for gliders that can't make the main field due mostly to congestion at the end of a busy competition day, but also serves for those who find themselves to low to make the field. There is no ICAO code for this field so it is simply designated HHEM for FSX.

Harris Hill 4NY8

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I have just released my newest airport. Harris Hill NY,  4NY8. look for it on AVSIM.

Harris Hill is known as the soaring Capital of the U.S. because of its' history, Martin Schempp(German soaring pioneer) "discovered" the area while traveling on business in the 1930's. (He worked in Pittsburgh PA at the time) Elmira NY is situated in a valley surrounded by hills facing several different prevailing wind possibilities. Presented with outstanding bungee launch points for any wind condition, several national soaring contests were held there before World War Two. Harris Hill is the only remaining of the original slope sites, and is now home to Harris Hill soaring Corporation and the National Soaring Museum.


 The former Schweizer Aircraft located below Harris Hill at KELM, was before its closing, the only family owned sailplane manufacturer and aerospace contractor in the U.S. They ceased making sailplanes in the 1980's and continued in the Aircraft manufacturing business until selling to Sikorsky in 2004.


If you like this scenery I also have a new KELM - Elmira Corning Regional Airport, as well as the Harris Hill emergency field with new land class (coming soon). Feel free to contact me via email directly if you are interested and can't locate it online. All my sceneries will be published on AVSIM.



This package includes Harris Hill field, The Harris hill Youth camp site, and Harris hill Park and Driving range.All buildings are represented as close as possible to the actual structures.


Elmira Corning Regional Aiport

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KELM, Elmira Corning Regional Airport

This is an expanded airport package including all the most recent buildings at Elmira Corning Regional Airport KELM. Included are the Sikorsky building and recent runway extensions. I added some static aircraft to the now defunt National Warplane Museum, and Schweitzer plant. These are a historical reference to better days in the past for KELM. Now that Sikorsky has closed, there are a lot of disused structures there. I also added  the local Mall and a local industrial park that was once home to an RC club, the field was sometimes used as a glider emergency landing field. It no longer exists in the real world.Look for it north east of the airport.

I included the libraries for a freeware B-17, a P-51, and a P-47. If you have problems seeing them let me know. All else is stock objects in FSX some blended for more realism.