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Sutton Bank for ORBX England

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Sutton Bank, also known as Roulston Scar, is a hill in the Hambleton District of North Yorkshire in England. It is a high point on the Hambleton Hills and the North York Moors National Park with extensive views over the Vale of York and the Vale of Mowbray. It is also home to the Yorkshire Glider Club which sits atop the hill. This requires ORBX England to display correctly. All buildings are accuratly modeled by me using sketchup and represent the best in realism.

Seiser Alm

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For who like a landing challenge and great scenery.

Seiser Alm,  is the largest high altitude Alpine meadow in Europe. Located in Italy's South Tyrol province in the Dolomites mountain range, it is a major tourist attraction, known for skiing and hiking.


This is a simple fun creation of a real world R/C sailplane and Para gliding site in the Italian Dolomites. There is no airport, no flatten so you must excercise caution when landing a STOL aircraft or sailplane. I have landed many types here including sailplanes and the FSDS Porter as well as a Cessna 185. The nearest real world airport is LIPD Bolzano. There are two landing areas represented one high is the actual site where R/C sailplanes with wingspans of up to 10 meters are launched into the air, as well as paragliders. .The lower field is a bonus area with a nice flat area for easier landings and take offs. It is the real world site of a famous ski lodge and resort.(look for the Chalet!)

Online now... Hammondsport NY (Taylor Field)

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This will represent a new direction for my scenery development efforts. I have made some of my own scenery objects including hangars, signs and a  rendition of the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport NY. The airport named Taylor field (on 1970's sectional charts) is a small 1800' strip not shown in the stock FSX list of airports. There is no ICAO code or other designator I could find with extensive research. I used my own code of NY3C.

This is a  part reality part historic scenery as it will represent the modern day airport, the Glenn Curtiss Museum, and adjacent to the Airport a facsimile ofthe original horse racetrack that was used by Glenn Curtiss to fly his June Bug on July 4th 1908. It is a close As I can determine to the original spot using acchival photos and conversations with the Director of the Curtiss Museum, Traff Doherty. Extensive use of new landclass is also employed to give a better representation of the geographic area. Here are some preview shots.

Warrington PA 8N9 (Abandoned)

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 This airport was run by one man, Alby Cornell for its entire lifespan excepting one year. His brother Ernie started it just after WWII but sold it to Alby shortly after. It operated continuously for nearly 50 years. This incarnation represents the heydays of the early 1960's. Two grass strips with a quarry next door. Over the years the airport was reduced to one runway and that moved as the quarry encroached. Alby Cornell who was my primary instructor retired with over 42,000 hours of flight time in light aircraft.(that is 42 thousand), and the airport was closed. By the way Alby is still alive and well, and as of this writing, still flying.

 Go fly a cub there.

This rendition includes a land class for the Quarry that lies next to the airport. The Quarry grew over the years so its present size is somewhat larger than the time this version of the airport existed. Since the FSX mesh is current I had to approximate the  runnways location to avoid being in the quarry. But you would only know this if you had actually flown there.



Jolamtra Bath NY

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Jolamtra 23NY


This small private field atop a mountain near Bath NY is used often as a landmark and turnpoint for Harris Hill soaring tasks as well as an outlanding site. In years past several model aircraft shows and flyins were held there.


On June 11th 1995 a fatal crashtook place at Jolamtra.  Stuart L. Saikkonen, age 43, of 113 Miller Street, Horseheads, NY died sunday, June 11, 1995 as the result of an airplane accident while performing an air show at the Jolamtra airport in his double-winged Steen Skybolt airplane.  Stuart designed and built experimental aircraft and owned Elmira Air Sports which was located at the Blue Swan Airport in Sayre, PA. He was a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter #533 and the International Aerobatic Club. Stu was a friend and local hero of sorts, I added this note of interest as he helped me build an ultralight and test flew it for me, now that's courage! That,of course, was many years ago. He was the last FBO operator at the Blue swan (also published by me) before his untimely demise.

Blue Swan Airport Sayre PA (Abandoned)

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Blue Swan N32 (abandoned)


Located in Sayre PA, the Blue Swan airport Served northern Bradford County PA and Waverly NY. IT survived until 2004.Now it is impossible to find on google earth even if you know Where it was. Replaced by huge industrial parking lots this once charming small town airport is another gone forever.

This Airport includes new landclass around the area to represent the weay it was 30 years ago, mostly agricultural. UTX roads are shown, stock roads will be fewer in number as will Global Vector.

About my Scenery packages

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With so many scenery, land class, and vector addons availble these days for FSX, i would like to clarify how i have developed my scenery. Your results will vary depending on what addons you currently use. I have attempted, and hopefully achieved a good compromise between several addon systems. I currently have two FSX installations and one P3D V2 on my computer. One FSX has UTX with FS Genisis mesh. the other has UTX plus ORBX World, global Vector in combination as well as FS Genisis mesh.

My scenery is best used with UTX and FS Genisis mesh, and is planned around UTX roads,(also incorporates the minor urban roads in UTX if you have them activated). but it will work with the FSX stock scenery, and ORBX  World, as well as Global Vector , just some roads will be missing.. If you use global vector exclusivly, you will miss out on many local roads and streams. ORBX has begun to improve Vector with updates, as of this writing many small roads are still absent.

Pay particular attention to any altitude change bgl files in my sceneries They are all noted in the readme file, these need to be placed in the FSX/scenery/World/scenery folder.

Of course my sceneries should work fine with the stock FSX as well. I strongly recomend using UTX North America as it offers the best combination of land class and vector data for the nort East U.S.

So to conclude, i have tested my scenery with the above addons and it works, I have also tested some with P3D and most work. However P3D handles scenery objects differently than FSX so many freeware scenery objects do not work in P3D such as EZ scenery for example. These need to be somehow converted. I don't want to bother with that at this point. All my airports should work in P3D but I have only tested 7N1 to date, and it is specifically designed to work in P3D V2. I used all stock scenery objects.

Stay tuned as I will test all of my sceneries in P3D and give notice as to which ones will work in the near future.

As of yet unpublished, I have a small collection of UK sceneries ccompatible only with ORBX England. These are specifically developed for ORBX England and will not work properly with stock FSX. I will publish these as a separate package at a later date.

I am no expert, I am learning along with everyone else, feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions.  if you have a favorite small airport in the Northeast U.S. I am open to new challenges!

NOTAM regarding glider scenery

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One reader has reported a problem viewing vthe static glider objects (sailplanes) on Harris hill, Ridge Soaring and Eagle field. On the chance others have the same problem here is a solution. If the static gliders appear as black objects in the scenery, go to the Glider Scenery folder which you should have installed and activated in ADDON SCENERY. Copy the textures within the texture folder and paste them directly into your Addon scenery/texture folder. If you don't want to add all the extra objects included in that folder, you can select with care the glider textures only as these are the germaine ones.

Copy from here:

Paste here:

7N1 Corning Painted Post

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Corning–Painted Post Airport (FAA LID: 7N1) is a public use airport in Steuben County, New York, United States.[1] It is located two nautical miles (4 km) northwest of the central business district of Corning.[1] The airport is owned by the Town of Erwin[1] and located near Painted Post, New York. It is included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2011–2015, which categorized it as a general aviation facility.

Ridge Soaring 79N

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Ridge Soaring Gliderport (79N) is a public-use glider airport located two nautical miles (4 km) southwest of the central business district of Unionville, in Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is privately owned by Knauff & Grove, Inc. Tom Knauff and Doris grove are among the whos who in American and International soaring community.


Portions of the 1999 movie The Thomas Crown Affair were filmed here.

Co-owner Thomas L. Knauff set five FAI world records, and over 50 NAA national records flying from this airport.

Co-owner Doris Grove set three FAI feminine world records flying from this airport, and was the first woman to fly a glider more than 1000 km.


This FBO airport is world famous for ridge, thermal and wave soaring. It is located on U.S. Route 220 (alternate) 8 miles south of Interstate 80, between Unionville and Julian, at the base of the Bald Eagle Mountain ridge. It is approximately 10 miles from State College and approximately midway between Altoona and Lock Haven in the Bald Eagle Valley. Visitors can look at an entire wall of U.S. National and World records that have been set from this airfield.

Sadly as with so many small airports, Ridge Soaring is in risk of disappearing. for sale for many years, with no takers it may be sold to developers and disappear forever.


In FSX the airport was on the wrong side of the highway and cut into a mountain, I moved it to its proper location and heading, made the runway the correct size and heading, and added all the current buildings.

The scenery is best used with UTX and FS Genisis mesh, and is planned around UTX roads. but it will work with the FSX stock scenery, and ORBX global as well as Global Vector, just some roads will be missing. If you use Utx you will see two creeks on the East side of the airport. if this is a problem you can turn off "small named streams and rivers" in the UTX configuration tool. I added my own stream vectors for people using ORBX Global vector which as of this writing does not support small streams in this area.The stream is a meandering affair with many oxbows, so it really has no effect on the airport, just a visual preference.  If global vectors newest update fixes the issue, I will publish an update later. PS: the photo above shows the scenery using UTX, FS Genisis mesh, with UTX "named small streams and rivers" off.