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About Appalachian Scenery

Hi, my name is Jon Davidson. I have been a real world pilot in single engine light aircraft, hang gliders, and sailplanes. For years I also flew large scale R/C aircraft and competed nationally briefly,(until I realized I was not that good :) I also have been flying simulators for 25 years or so. Since the DOS version of Flight Unlimited anyway! Now that I am retired, simulation is my only aviation outlet. I have taken to developing some airports both in Northeastern U.S. as well as the UK and Austria and Northern Italy. My favorite sim is of course FSX, but I also have X-Plane and Aerofly FS, as well as P3D.
All my sceneries are available free on Simviation and AVSIM.  I have a download page here for your convenience. Just choose your preferred site and click to direct download an airport or scenery.

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